About Us


The Primary Care Safeguarding Forum (PCSF) is the UK’s only independent organisation set up to support primary care health professionals with an interest or involvement in protecting and safeguarding vulnerable people of all ages.

Support is provided through a developing network of Primary care Safeguarding leaders such as Named GPs and their equivalents working together to provide strategic support to anyone working in the UK’s 7500+ general practices.

The PCSF is also able to provide Inter collegiate documented (ICD) Level 3 and 4 appropriate safeguarding education, training support (including webinars) and resources as well as an interactive forum and discussion platform for its members.

The PCSF has been operating as a limited company, on a not-for-profit basis since 2004 and in recent years has been working collaboratively with NHS England, the RCGP and NSPCC to ensure that Primary Care safeguarding has a voice in the National safeguarding arena.

The PCSF is funded by membership subscription, some bursaries and support from NHSE to host the National Network of Named GP’s 

PCSF is affiliated to the Alliance of Primary Care Societies within the Royal College of General Practitioners but remains independent of the RCGP. 

We welcome members from all over the UK, representing doctors, nurses and other health care professionals from Primary Care with an interest in the protection and promotion of welfare of children, young people and vulnerable adults.

The following clinicians would find PCSF membership particularly useful in supporting their POC safeguarding roles and responsibilities

  • Named GPs for child safeguarding in England or UK equivalent role
  • GP Practice Safeguarding Leads
  • Named GPs for adult safeguarding in England or UK equivalent role
  • Named Nurse/Nurse consultants/Named Professionals for safeguarding employed by commissioning bodies to work in Primary Care
  • Primary Care clinicians (Nurse or Dr) who have a focus / role of safeguarding in general practice

The benefits of membership include:

  • Access to the PCSF interactive, GP moderated primary care Safeguarding forum (Basecamp).  
  • Access to the PCSF website plus its large repository of primary care safeguarding resources.
  • Education and training offers including regular PC safeguarding virtual webinars
  • A guaranteed space at the UK leading PCSF annual primary care Safeguarding conference (The next conference is planned for March 2021, to be run virtually)
  • Full membership of the PCSF including voting rights and entitlement to attend the AGM 

For details of Membership please click on the membership tab on the home page or here